100 Ides by Keri Smith Pt.2!

Taking my Meraki's art journal's journey ahead with the 100 ideas by Keri Smith prompts, following are the continued art journal entries. Keep scrolling! (Before you proceed may I just mention how easy and fantastic this specific journal is! It is my FAVORITE out of all the journals I own!) Entry 7: 29th Oct 2017, … Continue reading 100 Ides by Keri Smith Pt.2!


100 Ideas by Keri Smith!

It is a well-known fact that with every passing day I am turning into a more devoted art journal fanatic, and like every person who art journals, I too very badly wanted to own a Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith; the ultimate art journaling guide with a series of tasks and challenges. How cool … Continue reading 100 Ideas by Keri Smith!


DISCLAIMER: If you’re an easily offended guy whose ego is more fragile than a cockroach’s wing then do not read any further. Not that there is offensive material in here but you may never know, right? Look, I am just a teenager and I like to think I know things. I am very precise when … Continue reading Self-Reminders! #HOWARWARTYOUTODAY

Anti Aunty ft. the Five Human Senses! #HOWARWARTYOUTODAY

“Beta you’ve tanned so much!” -Aunty who came to my house, while eating the snacks that I had served. “Haye she laughs like a hyena!” -Aunty who firmly believes that girls should have eyes only on the floor, smile weak, and nod. “I saw her with a boy, how blasphemous!” -Aunty who made her way … Continue reading Anti Aunty ft. the Five Human Senses! #HOWARWARTYOUTODAY